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We do not believe in “one-size fits all”, and pride ourselves on tailoring bespoke construction risk programs that will fit your needs, ensuring you never have gaps in cover.

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Please be advised that all Civilsure staff will be attending a one day conference away from the office on Friday, 14th October 2016 and will be unavailable.

For any enquiries, please contact us before the end of business on 13th October 2016.

Thank you for your co-operation.
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 Who and What is CivilSure?

CivilSure is a team of dedicated individuals that assist and advise professionals within the Civil & Construction Industry. We focus on the unique financial needs of your business to provide you with the most competitive rates and comprehensive cover.

We understand that the Civil and Construction Industry contributes to the economy by satisfying some of the basic objectives of development including output generation, employment creation, income generation and re-distribution. It also plays a major role in satisfying basic physical and social needs of the population including the production of shelter, infrastructure and consumer goods. We strive to empower the businesses within these sectors by sharing information freely and going the extra mile to provide a valuable service.

In short, CivilSure is a niche risk adviser in Southern Africa offering the widest range of insurance products and advice for the Civil & Construction Industry:

  • Contractors All Risk, Performance Guarantees, Retention Guarantees, Advanced Payment Material Surety Guarantees.
  • Ready-mix Fleet Cover, Concrete Failure Insurance. Bakkie and Tool, Motor Car Insurance.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.

We are aware of the high insurance risks involved in the Civil and Construction Industry and we have established a niche department with highly skilled and trained staff to deal with our clients’ basic and progressive insurance needs.

What do we want?

We want to see your company grow from strength to strength by providing a professional service and supplying accurate insurance products. Start everyday feeling Civilsure.

Our Vision – We are a people’s organisation striving to grow profitably with new and existing products and markets, whilst embracing the history of our country and providing risk solutions for the emerging contractors.  Our cultural and entrepreneurial flair has brought Civilsure where it is today.

Our Mission – Growth through networking, hard work and industry knowledge. We strive to provide you with advice that reflects our expertise and vision.

Our Values – Integrity; Acting with honesty, consistency and transparency in everything we do.

Fairness – Exhibiting competence and skill to benefit our clients, colleagues and communities.

Professionalism –  Prioritizing the interests of our clients and colleagues.

Inspiration – Always looking at innovation; we are thinkers and doers,  our creative passion influences  our environment and those affected by it.

Loyalty– Understanding the unspoken tribal code of selfless devotion in time and energy to build a community based on honesty and excellence. We understand that together we have the power; both in our organization and with the clients that associate themselves with us.

We are committed to providing a fair service and rendering competitive insurance alternatives for our partners, who are also our clients. Our expertise is put into practice once the claim comes in.  We assure our clients that we will do everything necessary until we see that you are satisfied with the amount you have claimed, and received, from the Insurer and third parties.


Being independent, we are judged purely on our ability to perform in terms of our clients’ requirements by providing creative insurance products, with cost-effective cover options, linked with exceptional service. It is us against giant corporations setting stringent market standards and prices that take advantage of your entrepreneurship.

Our entrepreneurial minded clients need an insurance partner who understands not only their business risks, but also the demands of their growing business. They require services that are reliable and appropriate, without adding to their administrative burden.

Our philosophy of segmenting the market and selecting the “right client” has enabled us to achieve the levels of service and expertise of the highest standard.

Our staff are people too, smart people who go the extra mile for you. We get your business and continue to learn and grow with it as we adapt our product to your needs.

We then balance the premium and the risk to provide you with the best cover to price ratio possible.

Why do we do all of this?

Because we are a tribe of individuals that generate business together so that as a whole we are succeeding and getting the most out of life.

We understand your job, because it fascinates us.

We as a team are curious and enthusiastic about construction & development and we look forward to The Road Ahead.


Meet the Team

Thembela Ngcwangu
Marketing & Communications Consultant
Thembela is our sassy and fierce gem who studied Marketing and is one of our Construction Insurance Sales Specialists. We love Thembela because she is always friendly.
Siphelele Mkize
Marketing & Communications Consultant
Siphelele is one of our early birds who catches the worm. ABC (Always Be Closing) is what he is absolutely impeccable at. We love Siphelele because he is always insightful.
Michelle Tillburn
Marketing & Communications Consultant
Michelle is a breath of fresh air – she is always on the ball with current affairs, marketing trends and social media. Words and Branding is her thing as she changes the most boring subjects into lights, camera, action… We love Michelle because she is always enthusiastic.
Caroline Aveley
Commercial & Engineering Accounts Executive
Caroline has a keen interest in the Insurance Industry. She absolutely loves nature and photography. We love her because she is easy to talk to.
Pauline Armstrong
Claims Consultant
When it comes to calamity, Pauline can calm you down with either care or a kind word. We love her because she always brings out the best in others.
Lorinda Arries
Office Support
Lorinda is always delightful and helpful. She is an organizer and ensures that everyone is recharged and on top of their game on a daily basis. We love Lorinda because she is a good listener.
Michele de Kock
Front Line Administrator
Michele assists us in the running of the office and diary management. We love Michele because she is always considerate.
Meryl van Rooyen
Trainee Manager
Meryl is structured and tactical. Her determination and tenacity contribute largely to her successes. We love Meryl because she is always engaging.
Roelien Kapp
Company Finance
Roelien knows all about increasing revenues and works tirelessly to keep the business in the black. We love her because she is always considerate.
Diane Nathanson
General Manager
As our main groundskeeper, Diane, designs, builds and implements plans for the company’s performance and progression. We love her because she’s always a good listener.
Dan Payton
Dan can always see the end from the beginning. He has a passion for the insurance industry and designing risk products for niche markets. We love him because he is always inspiring.

CivilSure South Africa offers a fully comprehensive range of Annual and Once Off Insurance Products as follows:

Contractors All Risks Once Off Insurance          Contractors All Risks Annual Insurance          Contractors All Risk liability Insurance    ●   Contractors All Risk Policy    ●   Contractors Third Party Liability       Contractors Third Party Insurance        All Risk Insurance            Special Risk Insurance        Complete Risks Cover Insurance        Construction Insurance        Builders Insurance        All Risk Policies        Contract work insurance/guarantees        NHBRC insurance/guarantees        CIDB insurance/cover        Erection All Risks Insurance        Engineering Insurance Cover        Plant All Risk         Electronic Equipment Insurance        Civil Engineering Completed Risks            Construction risk/s            ASPASA / JBCC / SARMA            Machinery Breakdown Insurance            Road maintenance Insurance        Civil/s Insurance        Building Insurance          Performance Guarantee        Retention Guarantees        ●      Contractors All Risk Insurance      ●      Contractors All Risk Insurance Policy      ●       Contractors All Risk South Africa      ●      ESKOM Guarantees      ●      Annual Contractors All Risks      ●      Construction Insurance Eskom – Electricity Supply Guarantees      ●      Mining Rehabilitation Guarantees      ●      Maintenance Guarantees      ●      Bid Bonds, Letter of Intent      ●      Advance Payment Guarantees      ●      Supplier Surety      ●      CESA,      ●      Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) Professional Indemnity Insurance

Contact us today for a discounted quote on any of the above mentioned products or services.